2015 Hairstyle Trends


hairstyle trends

With every New Year comes that annual goal to start fresh and reinvent yourself, and what better way than to start with your hair? After all, it is your crowning glory. So you should style your hair with a look that perfectly suits you!

Find out what’s hot in 2015 when it comes to men and women’s hairstyle and get your pick!

Men’s Hairstyle Trends for 2015

Side Parting

The side parting technique has never been out of style. It has remained sleek and chic ever since the sixties. With its classic versatility that allows for modern derivations, the side parting hairstyle can be worn matte for a retro or traditionally glossy look.

Long Hair

Ever since Jared Leto sported his ombre long hair, the whole fashion industry went abuzz to which the long hair style owes its trendsetting spot in 2015. But the long hair everyone’s talking about is not the messy, biker style of yesteryears but well-kept and healthy hair that would just turn any man into a dashing debonair.

Women’s Hairstyle Trends for 2015

Side-swept hair

Side-swept hair has been around for quite a long while in the fashion industry and it’s finally getting the limelight it deserves this 2015. Its simplicity and casual elegance makes for a whole plethora of interpretations. For instance, you can create a messy side-swept look, a high-gloss, clean ‘do, or even a sides-wept pin-up hairstyle. With all these styles in mind merged with side-swept hair, you can change your look whenever you want without even going to the salon.


With the popular culture going for more ethereal styles, the hairstyle trend is all about braids. Just like the side-swept style, braids are basic ‘dos that can basically work with any outfit of your choice as well as morph into varieties of the basic braids. Here are your options: Braid your hair and pull it up to create a bun, mess it up just a little bit to have that fresh, just-got-out-of-bed look. You can even go for that whimsical style by working on your fishtail braids. The possibilities are too exciting for this hairstyle that you just can’t help but put it on your hairstyle bucket list!